Lamia is a vampiress with a strong personal code of integrity. She has lived for many centuries and originally comes from the area now known as Italy. Due to her vampiric nature, she has many superhuman abilities, such as being extremely difficult to injure and various telepathic abilities. Lamia named herself after the classic poem by Keats, in an effort to keep her identity secret, due to tireless pursuit by a deranged journalist. Lamia's best friend and confidant is Antonio. The two are as close as two people can be, and they share a special telepathic bond. Although they may bicker at times, Lamia cares deeply for Antonio and would do anything to help him.
Antonio is Lamia's best friend and confidant, and sometimes one or the other refers to him as her sidekick. He is gifted with certain powers, but he is not a full vampire yet. Nonetheless, his abilities are far greater than a regular human. Antonio is very close to Lamia, but he prefers men sexually. Lamia relishes her unique position in Antonio's life, and this feeling is reciprocated since what man wouldn't love to have a sexy, powerful vampiress as his hag?